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The usual reason for cleaning brick is to remove mortar stains or remove paint from the brick, both process require a different cleaning chemical but still require our high pressure washers.

To remove mortar stains we make our own in house brick acid and can dilute to the strength therefore allowing us to complete the job quick, masonry paint require a stripper to be applied first, we then use our pressure washers on high heat to clean the face of the brick without damaging the existing mortar.

Some brick stains can be caused by carbon soiling or organic soiling which require a completely different type of brick acid and organic cleaner respectively. We can clean small walls to power washing houses from top to bottom.

There will be many online sites that tell you how to clean brick and sell you all different types of concrete cleaner, but without knowing what you are dealing with you really can damage your home, so let us, the professionals carry out the work safely and to the best possible finish!




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